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Hospital Beds

Semi-electrical bed is perfect for at home hospital accommodation. This bed has a motor which is quiet and smooth when operating the adjustment of the head and foot sections of the bed. In addition, the height of the bed is adjusted manually.
Electrical bed is a full electric hospital bed that features electrical motor controls that raise the head, foot and height of the bed frame. An electrical hospital bed is equipped with back and foot adjustment to allow for complete anatomically correct sleep surface.

Three factors to consider when choosing a hospital bed:

Mobility: how limited is your mobility? If it’s severely limited a full electric bed is best for you.
Caretaker help: If you don’t have someone who can help raise and lower a hospital bed for you, then a full electric bed a full electric bed is for you.
Comfort and convenience: If you would rather have a hassle free and easy way to use a hospital     bed, then a full electric bed is for you.

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